We are sorry to say, due to circumstances beyond our control Fringes will be closing August 29,2020.

This was a very hard decision to make, and is heart breaking to us, but I see no way to keep us operational. It has been an honor and privilege keeping you beautiful for the past 15 years.

We will be keeping our Facebook page opened until all our stylist know where they will be working so we can give you there information so you can make your next appointments with them.

As of right now:

Mary Beth

Artistic Edge

6220 Georgetown Blvd 21784



Tracy Webb

West End

5959 exchange Drive 21784



Tori Kennedy

The Hair Company

20 Liberty Rd Suite D 21784


Jan Walker

All About You Salon

842 Littlestown Pike 21157


As soon as we know where Jill and Tracy H and Barb will be we will post it here also.

We thank you and love you with all our hearts! God Bless !!

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